shifting just pass neutral . . .

so week one is under the belt . . .

the new coffee maker is awesome

being able to toast bread is an amazing liberty

the hvac systems in each room (remote control no less) are phenomenal

there has as of yet been no need to turn on the heat – yes the insulation in the building is amazing

the proximity to the train makes commuting to the city a breeze

the fruit & vegetable stand just down the block (mr. kiwi) is amazing (fresh juice is 2.00usd & the produce selection makes me miss the north hollywood farmer’s market

did i mention how amazing the queen sized bed is with new sheets & pillows ( ?? ) . . . well it is !!

having an in house pre-installed hard-wired in-apartment network is brilliant !!

the refrigerator & stove (only drawback is they’re both electric) are stainless steel, hard to clean & pretty – very pretty

even the pre-installed lighting is slightly beyond acceptable teetering on excellent

there is an entire room FULL of boxes – shared possessions unpacked waiting for new shelves (which i will be building myself from repurposed recycled wood & half inch pipe . . . ace hotel style)

there are two cats small mammals with unique individual fully realized personalities also sharing the space learning to come out from the dark corners becoming familiar not only with brooklyn air but me & all my “ways” as well (as i am learning them)

these last nine days have opened me

i am grateful

i have been back in the city for just over three years & finally feel that i am “landing” & more importantly “taking root”

just wanted to share

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