Broadcom releases a 650Mbps chip to link smartphones to gigabit Wi-Fi networks


A new generation of routers have emerged that promise unparalleled gigabit wireless speeds using new 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. The problem is that our mobile devices — even the ones that boast 802.11ac radios — often can’t take full advantage of them.

[company]Broadcom[/company] aims to change that with a new wireless chipset that will boost theoretical connection speeds from a smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi router to 650 Mbps. That may not be gigabit speed, but gigabit speed was always a bit of misnomer anyway — it’s more an indication of overall network capacity rather than how quickly any given device could connect to the network.

The BC4358 is actually Broadcom’s second smartphone Wi-Fi chipset to utilize 2×2 MIMO (short for multiple input-multiple output), meaning it can simultaneously tap two of the radio streams emanating from the many antennas on your router. Most smartphones only utilize a single Wi-Fi…

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