america . . . i’m trying to come to the point

again there is much talk of ku klux klan, the confederate flag, so-called “race” relations, so-called “civil rights,” et cetera

again i am bombarded with audio & video clips & memes with links to articles long outdated that re-trend (viruses have a tendency to recur)

my understanding of the ku klux klan is that its name (so-called white knights) is intended to create an historical connection to a noble idea . . . that of the good christian knight
there is a mythology that surrounds knighthood – honor, temperance, chivalry . . . the best human attributes chiseled into the immutable marble of time
at issue now is neither the ku klux klan’s connection with knighthood nor with the ku klux klan’s mythology . . . at issue is the mutability of ideology itself
my understanding of the ku klux klan is its ideology is based entirely upon a perpetual lack of “appreciation” of any notion of “other”
the mask is a conical construct of this ideology; as is the “idea” of the confederate flag; as is the visual of a cross or church burning; as are all the well-known tactics used by this american organization
none of this is new . . . >>  link  <<
my understanding of our shared experience as americans (so-called “history”) is that at every moment of any change resistance occurs . . . it is more than the fabric of our nation it is the weave
the fabric would be cultural – a trend / fashion . . . the weave is timeless it is how a thing goes together . . . it is ideology (law)
focusing on the constructs & history of an american organization that is already well documented & which we fully understand is in my opinion doing a severe injustice to james baldwin’s suggestion that we must know where have been before we can go (paraphrased)
i myself am guilty of focusing on these constructs, this shared american experience, mythology, history et cetera . . .
i wonder if there’s a way to acknowledge where we have been & what we have done without the weight of shame, guilt & rejection; without the sensation of reduction or dismissal . . .

i wonder if there’s a way to transcend the notion that inclusion must necessarily exclude & realize this is a shared american experience . . .

we all want to buy groceries with our good looks

i have more to say & one day it will be concise; it will take shape & form

right now i have a new language to learn

“i’d better get right down to the job (ginsberg, america, 01.17.1956)”

happy july fourth

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