. . . two hundred thirty five . . .

so, it has been just over a year since i was gifted a kindle reader

in that time i have purchased two hundred thirty five books
some of them are bundles (game of thrones, various starwars omnibus collections, various sci-fi collections, et cetera) . . . most of them are not

i also tend to spend the majority of my free time watching shitty movies (yes, i just watched the return of jafar – for no reason)

i am finished watching for a while . . . not even the television shows i am fond of (american crime, gotham, star wars rebels, the muppets, outrageous acts of science & others)

i am going to get through this list . . . i am going to stop reading the three books i have been reading for the passed two months & start with book one (in alphabetical order)


that is all . . . for now (there may be a book report or two hundred thirty five) in the foreseeable future


3 thoughts on “. . . two hundred thirty five . . .

    • i was reading . . . the tree of culture by ralph linton (not a kindle book), working my way through area-x by jeff vandermeer (kindle) & finally finishing queering the color line by siobhan somerville

      americanah i actually read before (i adore chimamanda ngozi adichie) so re-reading that & half a yellow sun was a pleasure . . . however getting through the new jim crow, then nonconformity (a book on writing by the writer nelson algren) then bourgeois radicals then stravinsky’s essays, the science of breath & the meditations by aurelius will take up the next two or three months for sure (i will have to take my time)

      i have chose to populate my library with “heavy” material . . . typical me

      truthfully i can not wait to struggle through the next eight books to get to the cross of redemption (hopefully i can start that on a plane heading to los angeles – would like to read that book in the sun)

      how are you ??

      • From all those titles, they definitely sound very heavy. Why such heavy choices? I’m good. I love to read but my taste in reading material have matured. I’m reading Power of Broke by Daymond John.

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